Food Northwest's Energy Goal

Reduce industry-wide energy intensity (energy use per pound of product) by 25% in 10 years (Phase I) and a total reduction of 50% in 20 years (Phase II).

  • Developed by the food processors at a workshop in 2008 along with USDOE, EPA Energy Star, BPA, NEEA and Energy Trust.
  • Adopted by the Food Northwest Board in 2009. First industry group in the nation to adopt such a goal.
  • Why?  Energy efficiency makes good business sense.  Responsible stewardship of resources is critical to a sustained food industry.
  • Also, collaborate and facilitate resources and education for food processors.

How tracking to the Goal works:

  • Participation is voluntary; the goal is a target and not a mandate
  • Participants submit energy use and production data to Food Northwest annually or biennially.
  • Food Northwest analyzes and tracks participant and industry-wide progress to the goal.


  • Industry-wide progress to the goal, tracked against the 2009 baseline, has been about 2.1% per year.
  • Phase II was launched in January 2020.  A new 2018 baseline will be set.
  • We are working with Energy 350 to complete analysis of Phase I and conduct analysis of Phase II.
  • Areas we focus on are efficiency improvements, energy management, process improvements, and distributed generation.
  • Food Northwest’s Sustain Strategy, one of the four pillars of Food Northwest’s Strategic Plan, is focused on providing and/or facilitating programs, resources and services that support food industry efforts to reduce energy intensity and to achieve other sustainability goals.
  • Phase II will be more of a challenge to achieve.  New technologies will play a larger role as will renewables.

Activities and services in four key areas will be needed to achieve the Goal:


To find out more about Food Northwest’s Energy Goal, contact Pam Barrow at [email protected]


NW Food Industry Leads Energy Savings

Energy Trust of Oregon’s evaluation of its efficiency program, 2009 – 2018, shows food processing leads other manufacturing sectors in energy savings.

Food Manufacturer Energy Projects

Find out how Food Northwest members are reducing their energy intensity, increasing productivity and securing incentives to support their efforts.

Food Northwest Energy Committee

Membership on the Committee is open to all food manufacturer members.  The Committee is a key implementer of the Sustain Pillar of Food Northwest’s Strategic Plan. The committee addresses policies and activities regarding energy efficiency, energy management, energy supply and reliability, renewable resources,  and emerging technologies. If you are interested in Committee membership, contact Pam Barrow at [email protected]


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